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Tony Kabuye is the Programs coordinator of KIDA, a career coach, counselor and motivational speaker. His ability to manage is followed by 8-years of counseling and community organizing experience, focusing on community development, early childhood education, economic empowerment and gender balancing issues that negatively impact on the safety and welbeing of women and girls. He is distinguished by his contagious enthusiasm and a passionate belief in people that inspires them to become prouder,stronger and more valuable contributors to their families, friends and communities. He holds a Diploma in counseling and Guidance
Henry started out as a volunteer with Uganda Pioneers Association, and learned a lot about analyzing and approaching community challenges. His reputation experience and passion for social work and development made him a valuable tool in our growing nonprofit. He's an Administrative Secretary in charge of daily record keeping and volunteer management, activity scheduling and implementation, project monitoring and evaluation and other activities. Our volunteers, beneficiaries and prospects benefit tremendously from his experience and perspective.
Gerald is an e-Learning Specialist with more than 6 years of experience in Learning Management Information Systems and Instructional Design technology. He has worked with various corporate organisations by offering them training and capacitating them to optimise their training needs through technology. He is a renowned scholar and highly driven individual with a passion for education technologies, educational multimedia and vocational skilling trusted to come up with new rational approaches. He is passionate about learning and development and the role it plays in the success of both private and public sector organisations specifically in enhancing teaching/learning through technology driven initiatives. “I am passionate about organisations becoming more innovative in the sphere of utilizing technology for the purpose of enhancing capacity development and change.”
Kathy is our internal adviser on international and general organisational issues. She is a great tool and the founder of Step Up Uganda, which gave birth to KIDA. She has a wide experience in Financial management, event and travel planning, fundraising and resourcing among many others. A native American, who have been to Uganda for a number of times since 2006, implementing projects, training locals in various life aspects as well as learning more about the Ugandan culture. She is a graduate of Cornell University and Point Loma Nazarene College and has a tremendous experience in accounting,strategic planning, events management,health training and nonprofit practices, working both in the United States and Africa.
Angelica volunteered with us in early 2016 and she is the volunteer who spearheaded the campaigns to construct classrooms for the orphans school in one of Katosi villages. Her passion for the betterment of children made her fall in love with our programs, and she's one of those who believe that together we can offer an opportunity. She often gets involved when we need her and has been so instrumental in providing valid solutions and resources for our projects. She is in charge of recommending volunteers and giving them information about the organisation and placements, from the United States.
Paolo volunteered at KIDA in 2016 and is a great foundation for the progress of the projects in all aspects. He contributes to the reliance of the programs and positively supports the shared mission and Vision of KIDA. He is our ready contact in the UK, for any information you would need to know before you contact the Ugandan team.


Jenifer is a local experienced tailor situated in Katosi trading center. She started working with us in 2013, and ever since has committed to train skills to the girls in this area. Before she started working with us, she was offering tailoring skills to interested individuals and there she stood out as a good trainer in that area. Given the period of 4 years that Jenifer has headed the Tailors Training program, she reflected good leadership and management skills, the ability to pass on multiple skills to the trainees and the passion for community development; she was tasked to manage ground operations of the skills training program.
Deborah is a widow and a single mother with 3 children. She has been an active member in the widows group of Katosi, and has been the group secretary since 2013. Despite the challenges that Deborah goes through as a widow, she is so instrumental in all group activities and she initiated the loaning scheme in the savings program in 2015, and has ever since led the enforcement that made sure all loaned funds are returned back. She serves on our team as a Secretary for the Joint women group that comprises of three women groups in Ntenjeru Sub county. She is a good decision-maker, a public speaker with passion in community and family development programs involving women of all status.
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